Woollen fur knit goods

Our company is in the process of launching production of woollen knit goods made of natural and synthetic fibres along with knitwear.

With synthetic filling

Goods with synthetic filling ensure very good ventilation, do not absorb moisture and are washable.

Antiallergic and medical

Antiallergic products are recommended for people with allergies. Wares of this line prevent development of mites and bacteria, making sure that allergy sufferers get proper hygienic features.

Feathers and down

Lightness, softness and fluffiness are features of unique natural filling, used for generations – feathers and down. This filling has exceptional properties of keeping warmth and preventing perspiration.

Goods made from fleece

We offer a wide range of high quality woollen knit goods. Our products are made from 100% wool. Using this bedding ensures proper blood and oxygen supply to the body. Recommended for rheumatic complaints.


Environment and Ecology

Category of natural products that are made of raw materials used by the man for centuries, without chemical processing and for that reason environmentally friendly and pleasant for the user.


Luxurious products’ range made of superior quality materials and fillings, e.g. BAMBOO and ALOE VERA. Manufactured with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, which makes them uniquely vital for our general physical and mental state.

Something for kids

For our kiddies we have in our offer fabulously colourful products with popular children’s patterns. With one-colour pastel-hued products we offer exceptional quilted moons and stars design.

For hotels and hospitals

Professional products ideally suited for frequent washing at high temperatures. These products are characterized by exceptional durability and high quality workmanship. They also possess health promoting values confirmed by medical facilities’ opinions.

Garden furniture cushions

In our offer you can also find cushions for stools, chairs and garden furniture, as well as soft poufs. We offer vast range of colours, shapes and patterns.